Do You Cook With The Right Tools

For many people, cooking is simply a chore that has to be done because they have to eat and be able to feed their family. For many others cooking is fun. Many people work hard to become home gourmet cooks and bakers. Many men try to become a master of grilling. For those who find cooking fun, whether it is to be a home gourmet cook or those that go into cooking as a profession, they have taken a lesson from people working in other professions.

Professionals of all kinds, such as carpenters, electricians and auto mechanics, know that to do the very best job possible they must have the right tools for the job. With this in mind, the professionals at Chef's Playhouse endeavor to make you more aware of all of the various tools a cook needs and what's available for each area of cooking to optimise your capabilities!

The average home cook knows that if you are going to do any baking, you will need to use measuring cups. What they don't know is that some measuring cups are made for measuring dry ingredients and others are specifically for measuring liquids. If you measure liquid ingredients with the same measuring cups designed for measuring dry ingredients, the liquids you measure will not be accurate. This is one of the reasons that baked goods made by the home cook don't turn out as good as the same baked goods made by professional cooks. At you can read more about why adding a liquid measuring cup will improve the goods you bake.

Home cooks will often stir ingredients with a spoon or fork. A much better tool for combining ingredients is called a whisk. Once the home cook discovers the whisk, they often wonder how they ever got along without one. Whisks are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs. This is because you may find a small flexible whisk is great for whisking scramble eggs, sauces and gravies but you need a larger and stiffer whisk for stirring cookie and bread doughs. A whisk in a middle size and stiffness would be better for stirring cake mixes and a nylon whisk is what you need for your non-stick skillets and pans.

One of the biggest complaints the home cook has is cutting or scraping their hands when they are peeling, grating and chopping vegetables. It never even occurs to them that they can get cut-resistant cooking gloves. Most of the time they only wear one glove. The hand holding the peeler or knife doesn't need a glove but the hand holding the things being peeled, sliced, grated or chopped could use a cut-resistant glove to avoid those cuts. When you look at the cooking tools review at you can see a picture of what one of these cooking prep gloves looks like.

After visiting the Chef's Playhouse you will be ready to start finding the right tools to make you a better cook. When cooking gets easier, perhaps you too will learn to really enjoy cooking.